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Hongkong StrongHealth International Co., Ltd is engaged professionally in the Production, Sales and Service of Medical Nebulizer (including Compressor Nebulizer,Ultrasonic Nebulizer), Suction Pump, Digital Thermometer , Blood Pressure Moniter, Blood Glucose Moniter and the accessories.
Based on our professional persons, technology, quality management and service in medical nebulizer and suction pump field, we can provide medical nebulizer and suction pump to customers all over the world, with faster delivery, competent price and higher performance.
With the global marketing consideration, we produce (OEM and ODM) our medical nebulizer and suction pump in accordance with the international standard -ISO9001 / ISO13485 and some special requirements (as CE,FDA)from different areas.
We are keeping a continuous innovation system, to continually provide our customers with high quality medical nebulizer and suction pump. Meanwhile, we are keeping to follow the development direction of medical treatment industry, continually develop new Medical Equipment to meet people’s pursuit for health and high quality life, provide contributions to the medical equipment industry and the society.
We believe that based on the integrity, profession, safety and innovation, we can realize long-term cooperation, win-win, developing together with our partners in the same value chain, and create the biggest value to customers and the society continually.
 StrongHealth --Be careful of  people’s health and life
 Management Principle
We are keeping and following the vision of integrity, innovation, win-win and developing together, and create the biggest value to customers and the society continually.
Quality Policy
We take quality assurance activities continually to meet customer’s requirements and expectations for high quality.
Environment Policy
Besides providing Medical nebulizer , Suction pump , Digital Thermometer etc. Medical equipment to meet people’s need for safety & life continually, we are keeping the principle for human beings and Mother Nature in the world to fit in with each other  harmoniously.
Your kind attention and visit to us are always welcome.